During the ParaGamesBreda wheelchair rugby is organised in collaboration with Gehandicapten Sport Nederland. The best Dutch teams will perform. 

Wheelchair rugby

Wheelchair rugby is the perfect team sport for people with a motor disability of the arm or/and legs. It is a combination between wheelchair basketball, ice hockey and American Football. The team consists of 4 players and the game is played with a volleyball. Both teams try to score by driving, with the ball, across the defensive line of the opponent. With wheelchair rugby they make use of adjusted wheelchairs, so, the wheelchairs can get in contact with each other, however physical contact is not allowed.


Sunday 30th of July

12.00 Amsterdam Terminators – Scorpions WRCU

14.45 Quad Fighters – Scorpions WRCU

17.30 Quad Fighters – Amsterdam Terminators

Medal ceremony: 18:00

Location: Sportcentre De Scharen, Topaasstraat 13, Breda

More information?

If you have any questions about wheelchair rugby, you can contact Tijn van den Eijnde via info@paragamesbreda.nl.

We like to welcome you at Paragames Breda 2019!