Powerchair Hockey emerged by accident. In the early seventies a few schools for disabled pupils started giving sports lessons, mainly for severely physically handicapped people. Because of the limited possibilities for the children, (mainly due to restricted muscle power), a game is chosen in which they use a hockey stick and a hockey ball of lighter material. Because of the great similarity with hockey, the same name is used and the word “wheelchair” was added. Later on, the word “electric” was added to indicate that participants make use of an electric wheelchair.

Get inspired by watching the recap of the Worldcup in Italy here.


Friday June 28th

9.00 -10.15 Denmark vs. Switzerland
10.30 -11.45 Finland vs. Belgium
12.00 13.15 The Netherlands vs. Switzerland
13.30 14.45 Denmark vs. Finland
15.00 16.15 Germany vs. Belgium

Saturday June 29th

9.00-10.15 Switzerland vs. Finland
10.30 -11.45 Belgium vs. The Netherlands
12.00 -13.15 Denmark vs. Germany
13.30 -14.45 Finland vs. The Netherlands
15.00 -16.15 Switzerland vs. Germany
16.30 -17.45 Belgium vs. Denmark
18.00 -19.15 Germany vs. The Netherlands

Sunday June 30th

9.00 -10.15 Switzerland vs. Belgium
10.30 -11.45 Finland vs. Germany
12.00 -13.15 The Netherlands vs. Denmark
14.00 -15.15 pl. 5 vs. pl. 6
15.30 -16.45 pl. 3 vs. pl. 4
17.00 -18.15 pl. 1 vs. pl. 2

18.30 -19.00 Medal ceremony
19.00 End of the Paragames 2019

Location: BRESS, Nieuwe Inslag, Breda

More information

Do you have questions about powerchair hockey during the ParaGamesBreda 2019? Please contact Piek Seeuwen via info@paragamesbreda.nl.

We are looking forward to welcome you at ParaGamesBreda 2019 in the structure tent at the Bress!