About the organisation

Since the initiation of the Foundation ParaGamesBreda! in 2004, we make an effort to make sports available for people with a physical disability. We believe that sport connects. By joining sports, persons with a physical limitation will become more confident and will experience the joy of being active with others.

We realise this by organising sports activities and support additional initiatives. The foundation exists of solely volunteers of which six are board members. Financial support is received from the county of Breda, the province of Noord-Brabant and our sponsors.

Our mission

ParaGamesBreda has the mission to make it possible for people who are physically disabled to join sports. We do this by organising sports activities and support additional initiatives.

What do we do?

Our main event is the ParaGamesBreda which take place every two years. During the games athletes from all over the world join. They participate on different levels. During the games many different sports are available and the athletes from different sports get together.

The next ParaGamesBreda take place from the 27th until the 30th of June 2019. Of course in Breda. More information about the sports you find here

What we find important?

‘’Everybody has talent’’

Board ParaGamesBreda

  • Frans Leusink


  • Martijn Kortekaas

    Secretary. Sponsorship

  • Ingrid van de Port

    Vice-president. PR, communication & side events

  • Niels Heshof

    Board member Sports

  • Gert-Jan de Moor

    Board member Facility Management

  • Annemiek Hemmes

    Management support

  • Yvonne Oomen

    Board member Sports